Learn More About Embroidery And Get Started On It Yourself

If you want to learn how to embroider, it might be interesting for you to learn a little bit about this amazing art form. The history of embroidery goes way back to ancient China. At first, it was used to tailor, mend, or reinforce fabric and clothing. However, it wasn't long before those simple stitches took on a lovely look with the addition of pearls, beads, sequins and even quills. Here are some ideas that might help you to begin your own works of art.

Beginners - A great way to start is on something very small and simple like a handkerchief or a dish cloth.

  • You'll need the fabric, an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread in the colors you want to use, embroidery needles and a pair of small, sharp scissors. In addition, if your eyes need help, there are nifty magnifying glasses that go around your neck, leaving your hands free to work on your project.
  • A great way to start is with a method called red work. The entire piece is done in bright red and the end result is adorable. A simple teakettle or teacup are both good choices for your design. 
  • Another great way to start is by selecting a rustic design. A funny chicken and words like Country Living are not difficult designs. If you want to do something more challenging, add a little chick next to the momma chicken and embroider something like Being a parent is like being pecked to death by a chicken!
  • Making your own design isn't hard at all. Simply find a picture in a coloring book and transfer it to your cloth and you're ready to go.

Displaying Your Work - Even your first work deserves to be displayed!

  • One simple idea is to leave a small piece of work right in the embroidery hoop. Glue a piece of lace or a ruffle all around the hoop and hang it with a ribbon. 
  • If you have embroidered dish towels, consider displaying them as window curtains. Tie them back with colored ribbon to add charm to the look.
  • Small handkerchiefs would be beautiful when placed in a frame. Select a color in your design for the mat that will also complement the frame.
  • If you embroidered a large piece of fabric, consider turning it into a scarf or a table runner.

Have fun as you master the art of embroidery. For professional embroidery services, visit a company like All Sports Cresting Ltd.