4 Driving Tips When Using A Bike Carrier On Your Car

If you love biking in new places, it's likely that you're interested in buying a bicycle carrier that can be used on your vehicle. These products make it easy to take your bike nearly anywhere, but it's important for you to get familiar with a few safety tips first. Along with installing the carrier properly, you still need to consider the other tips involved in using a carrier safely.

Choose the Safest Bike Carrier Available

The first step to safely using a bike carrier is simply choosing the best kind of carrier available. While you may be tempted to choose a particular carrier based only on price, it's important to look into what the quality is like for different carriers and how each is installed.

With options such as tow bar–mounted, roof-mounted, and strap-mounted, you'll need to consider what's best for your vehicle.

Prevent Damage With Easy Reminders

If you decide to use a roof-mounted bike carrier, it becomes so important to keep yourself reminded that it's there. It can be easy to forget about the bikes on top and end up running into a carport or garage and ruining your bike, your car, and the roof itself. Reminders can be as easy as placing the garage remote inside a bike glove or placing a note or mirror on the garage door itself.

Make a Habit of Routine Checks

After installing a bike carrier, you may think it's ready to use for years without any trouble. Like any part of a car or bike, however, it's important that you make a habit of inspecting the carrier and making any adjustments as needed. This will help tighten up any loose parts and keep the carrier in good shape over the months and years ahead.

Take It Slow During Turns

Whenever you're towing anything, it's essential that you remember to take it slow. Reducing the speed and being careful around turns can help make all the difference in preventing damage to your car and bike since it will keep the carrier from becoming shaken around while on the road.

With so many tips involved in driving with a bicycle carrier rack, it's easy to see how you'll need to take some time before installing the carrier and using it. By knowing how to care for the carrier, you can safely bring your bike with you on the road without a large risk of damage.