Safety Tips for People Who Have Brought a Shotgun for Home Defense

If you have just purchased a shotgun for home defense, then you should take tips to safeguard it. It's not wise to leave a gun sitting around even if you don't have any young children. Of course, if you have children in the home, and this includes teens, then it is completely irresponsible to leave your gun unattended. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to have a firearm as long as you safeguard it and understand how to handle it.

Here are some tips that all new shotgun owners should follow.

Tip 1: Take a Firearms Safety Course

Unless you grew up in a gun owning household, or served in the military, you need a safety course. You can't watch a few videos on the Internet and expect to understand how to operate the gun. Guns are dangerous and they should only be handled by people who have been trained how to use them. This includes instruction in how to load and clean them. A safety course covers much beyond simple shooting.

Even if you plan on putting your gun in a cabinet and never touching it unless there is an intruder, you would benefit from a safety course. You don't want the first time you are fumbling around with the gun to be in the middle of the night while someone is breaking in. You want to be calm and well versed in the mechanics of the gun.

A safety course will have skilled professionals who understand how to teach complete novices how to load, clean, and shoot a firearm.

Tip 2: Keep the Bullets Separate from the Gun and Never Keep the Gun Loaded

You don't have to hide your bullets in a different room of the house; just don't keep them right next to the shotgun. This serves two purposes. If there are guests, or children, who happen to stumble upon the gun, they won't have easy access to the bullets. Secondly, if an intruder does break into your home and finds the shotgun, they won't have bullets to use.

Tip 3: Buy a Gun Safe

If you really want to safeguard the gun, then consider a safe. This is good for a few reasons. The first one is that you can keep the bullets right next to the gun. You don't have to hide them because only you will have the combination to the safe. A child or neighbor won't be able to access them, neither will a intruder.

Secondly, if you happen to be away from your home and someone breaks in, they won't be able to easily steal the firearm. Depending upon how large the safe is, they might not be able to lug it away. This prevents you from losing your firearm and also keeps the gun out of the hand of criminals. For firearm safety courses in your area, talk to a professional like Trophy Book Archery in Edmonton.