Taking A Helicopter Charter? Here's How To Prevent Motion Sickness When You're On Board

Taking a helicopter charter (from companies like Qwest Helicopters Inc) can be a life changing experience. It can be a great way to explore your own area or to see beautiful scenery, plus it can be a lot of fun to go with a group of friends or family members. However, there is one thing that you might be worried about—getting motion sickness.

If you aren't accustomed to flying on a helicopter, there is a good chance that you might feel a little sick while you are on board. Luckily, there are ways that you can help prevent motion sickness so that you can enjoy your experience. Try these tips so that you can focus on having a good time instead of feeling sick.

Stay Well Hydrated

Try to drink more water than usual the day or two before you take your helicopter ride, and avoid drinking caffeine, which can help dehydrate you. Ask if you can bring along a bottle of water on your charter as well; then, you can stay as hydrated as possible during the flight, which can help prevent motion sickness.

Take Motion Sickness Medication

You can purchase over-the-counter motion sickness medication before you leave. Follow the instructions; in most cases, you will need to take it a little while before your helicopter charter is scheduled to begin. This can help you feel more balanced while you are on board.

Eat Before You Go

Believe it or not, eating before you head off on your helicopter charter is a smart idea. You probably won't be able to eat on the helicopter—there simply isn't as much room as there is on a huge plane—and having something on your stomach can be soothing. Don't overdo it, though; instead, simply have a sandwich or a bowl of soup and a piece of toast. If it's something that you might eat while feeling under the weather at home, it will probably be fine to eat before your helicopter charter.

Take Slow, Deep Breaths

The change in altitude and other factors can make breathing on a helicopter a lot different. Luckily, taking slow, deep and steady breaths can help you feel normal and can help prevent motion sickness.

You shouldn't let your fear of motion sickness get in the way of having a good time on your upcoming helicopter charter. Follow these tips, and you should be able to have a great time without worrying about motion sickness.